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Automate tasks

Increasing your salesforce productivity requires having them spend more time selling and less time updating exhaustive bits of information. And given the time crunch the sales team typically operates in, there may be discrepancies in terms of data quality. This results in faulty outcomes from analytics and insights generated from CRM data.

Bolt’s Metrics framework has built in integrations across email systems, and social networks, to gather and log activities, meetings and contacts automatically.

The AI engine provides analytics on customer interactions, how salespeople spend time with customers, partners, and for internal follow-ups

It provides the ability to create relationship plans based on opportunity roles and track them, to ensure compliance

Bolt also has Outlook integrated use-cases whereby Salespeople can update Salesforce by simply responding to emails e.g. System can auto-generate and send email to the Salesperson asking him “Based on the number of interactions, is Jason your champion in this account? Does he have decision making authority?” with simple response, the CRM can be updated and Champion and decision makers identified.

Ease of use

Sales teams from across the world often find CRM cumbersome to use. They have to navigate across multiple screens to accomplish even simple tasks. This complexity is further exacerbated by the usage of ISV products which usually have their own UI external to Salesforce.

What your sales team needs in order to super effective at their job is a system that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Bolt is designed to be both simple and powerful simultaneously.

The Today page, a Bolt feature, is a one-stop page for the sales team to get their work done

They can access organization measurement metrics, update forecast, and obtain key insights to close more sales

They can also use this feature to build right relationships and devise the right sales strategies for every opportunity they are working on.

Discover Actionable Insights

Your sales team is often faced with the quandary of prioritizing effectively. What your sales team needs is an amalgamation of insights that takes into consideration various level of activities across leads, accounts and opportunities, as well as the political positioning of the sellers’ organization.

Bolt’s Sales Engine accomplishes exactly this:

At the opportunity level, it helps members of the sales team to take the opportunity forward

At the relationship level, it highlights strengths and weakness of customer relationships, apprises you of roles/title you need to know, as well as, communication weaknesses. It can help you devise a sales strategy to engage with the right decision makers and build strong relationships

It helps you build an auto-tract relationship plan and get notifications on communication between your customers and other team members

Secure Incremental Commitments

Buyers work their way through parallel streams (rather than a funnel) as they explore, evaluate, and engage in purchase decisions. This is why the end of a sales process is the worst time to handle objections — prospects typically contemplate their objections long before “close,” and, to avoid conflict, often cite a socially-acceptable rationale such as price, which may not be the real barrier to buying.

To better address this reality, sellers should ask prospects to make incremental commitments throughout the process. Bolt’s Opportunity management provides the ability to capture these incremental commitments.

Every customer is different and each solution sold has its own “required” commitments to be captured

Bolt’s solution provides the ability to configure and capture these insights

Bolt’s built-in analytics engine utilize this data to provide objective deal maturity, and actionable insights on missing areas.

Management Coaching

Sales coaching is an important part of sales management. It helps your sales team get better, improves their skills, increases their engagement with your organization and improves your topline revenue.

Effective sales coaching is about building a regular cadence to provide useful, insightful and specific coaching on areas that the individual rep actually needs help in. Bolt’s solution provides relevant insights to management on areas in which salespeople need help.

Bolt leverages A-star salespeople success by highlighting the gaps – time spend across activities, type of accounts, effective and early disqualification of dead end deals and instead chasing the right ones.

The solution provides objective assessment of deal maturity across 5-axis, highlights blind spots across account coverage and client communication

A Glimpse Of The Product

Why you should choose Sales Engine

The Salesforce platform undoubtedly has extensive benefits, however, the Bolt’s Sales Engine module transforms your it into a powerful sales tool. Here’s how:

Reduces the amount of data sales team has to enter

Allows them to perform their tasks in a single page, eliminating the hassle of navigating through multiple pages

It takes into consideration all aspects of the customer’s role, their relationship within the sellers’ organization and keeps track of all communication

Supports the team on all aspects of sales – deal progress, finding blind spots and auto-building customer organization

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