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Want to Close more Deals?

  • Sales is all about relationships – “people buy from people they know and trust”.
  • 57% of due-diligence is already done before the buyer contacts the sellers.
  • How can you leverage your employee-network to influence the buyer?

Build your Companies Sales Network

Bolt Connections builds the social graph of your employees and their connections using cutting-edge relationship database.

Reach the right Stakeholders

Discover who has the best relationship with your customer contact and leverage that relationship to bypass Gatekeepers.

Suggested Contacts

Connections provides a list of suggested contacts and relevant intelligence on every prospect, by harnessing communications, and employee-prospect relationship networks. Sellers can easily leverage these insights and drag and drop them onto the chart to make them a part of opportunity/account contact.

Understand who is connected to whom across your entire organization

Connections maps all known relationships and overlays them onto each customer contact, making it very easy to understand who is connected to whom, and at what level.

Understand Strength of Relationships

Owing to advances in digital technologies, we have thousands of connections across various social networks, especially on prominent platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. However, when approaching to obtain a warm introduction, it isn’t as easy to figure out who really knows who and to what extent.
Connections Artificial Intelligence (AI) component resolves this problem. It presents you with top 5 relationships for your customer contacts and provides you the ability to pursue that warm introduction.

Map key attributes of the buyer

It’s important to apprise yourself of buyer roles, alignment, and various other buyer attributes. Connections answers all your questions around who is your champion, who is aligned to competition, who is the decision maker, who will sign the check, and so on. All of this critical information about your contacts can be captured and analyzed easily.

Why you should choose Connections

Connections starts by building the customer organization chart with all required roles, that the sellers need to focus on. It then helps identify these customer contacts, and with simple drag-drop functionality allows the sellers to effectively build their relationships charts. Connections have built-in AI & Machine learning.
It rates the strength of relationships based on various factors – age of connection, common groups, social media connections, communication patterns, etc. and visually makes it very easy to understand selling organization’s strength and weakness of relationships with its prospects, thereby allowing the sellers to devise the right sales strategy.
Bolt Connections, address this need, providing a unique way to connect with the buyer, understand his/her relationships, find out who really knows them and other aspects of their behavior, role, and other important details.
What makes Connections Unique is that it allows you to:

Devise your sales strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships

Auto-generate & discover customer contacts and relationships

Find out who really knows your customers with its relationship AI component

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