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CIOs and Digital Transformation

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) play a critical role in business leadership.  Organizations that fail to incorporate big data and digital technologies into their strategy are destined to fall behind.  Now more than ever, it’s important to think of CIOs as leaders of digital transformation with the power to move business forward.

In a recent article titled “How CIOs can guide digital business transformation,” Cory Crosland provides a framework for CIO-led transformation.  He describes five characteristics that “separate the digital thinkers and position them as the business leaders of tomorrow.”

  1. Evolution is imperative for survival
  2. View business strategy through the tech lens
  3. Build an all-star team
  4. Get your hands dirty, collaborating and communicating
  5. Give voice to the masses

Crosland believes that business and technology should never exist in silos, and collaboration is the key to future development.  He writes, “The business and technology functions of an organization can no longer be viewed as separate, which is why the next generation of business leaders will be CIOs becoming CEOs.”

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